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Tuesday, July 17, 2018
Worshiping God; Loving Jesus; Serving People

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Newbegun United Methodist Church

Worshiping God; Loving Jesus; Serving People

Serving God as Methodists for 233 years

. CHICKEN BBQ - 2018

The weather was perfect.  Our new location at the Weeksville Lions Club proved to be a good one.  That day 1,003 plates were served and 615 desserts were sold.  God blessed us with marvelous volunteers.


The welcome sign in front of the Weeksville Lions Club said it all. Six of these large grills were going at the same time.  Grilling started at 4 am that morning.
Desserts were available for those who ate inside.  They were also offered by volunteers outside.  Planning for traffic at the take-out and parking for eat-ins was taken very seriously. 
 Outside, all is prepared for serving take-outs, collecting tickets and money and showing our desserts for sale. Inside, the preparation tables were ready to go; for when we start, we get them out hot and fresh.
 The cooks have been ready for a long time.  Here they pause to let the grills cook the chicken.  The work inside begins in earnest.  For lunch there are many orders to be sent out and delivered to area  businesses.
 Extra help was provided by immigrant laborers from Ohio.  Here, Roy drives Pastor Roger to the BBQ.  The assembly line in the kitchen went smoothly and efficiently.
 The tent for desserts was conveniently located so all the take-out drivers could have a chance to select one, or two, or more. By 4 pm the adults were worn out, but an influx of new energy was provided by younger volunteers who literally ran to help serve the take-outs for the next 3 hours!