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Sunday, January 26, 2020
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(FROG in the vernacular of the North Carolina domestic residence [i.e. home] dictionary is a Finished Room Over Garage. It is the perfect size for an office or den. In this case, it is my office, where my books and computers are kept.)


FROG: Foolish Reflections On God


As I write this it has been a while since the roof of  the Cathedral of Notre Dame burned.  It was a shame. 

During the same week there were numerous other events that were tragedies.  In Sri Lanka several bombs were detonated in places of worship around the nation killing many people.

People came together during both catastrophes.  For Notre Dame people cried and called it the heart of Paris.  Other people immediately pledged millions and millions of dollars to rebuild the building.

In Sri Lanka the news carried the events and people prayed for one another and said how awful it was.  No news was said about how donations might help with the suffering or what could be done to stop all these attacks.

It bothers me that people are so willing to give millions of dollars to restore an old building but will do nothing about saving people who are hurting or living in deplorable conditions.  To me, Notre Dame has become just a museum  that tourists visit.  It costs millions of dollars a year to keep the cathedral from falling apart.  But you know what?  Christianity will continue whether Notre Dame remains or not.  But it will die when there are no longer any people left to give their lives to the transforming power of Jesus Christ.

It bothers me that people are so willing to give to projects involving brick and mortar, but can't see any reason to give to help people.  People who need peace, justice, food, medical attention, jobs, and Christ.  As far as I know, Jesus never said to erect a building in his name.  He said to make disciples of all people.  

I just want to keep events in perspective - Notre Dame is not a tragedy that needs fixing.  It is a shame.  Sri Lanka, Christchurch, school shootings, terrorism, Mother Emmanuel AME Church, and wherever violence is perpetrated upon people - those are the tragedies that need fixing.  

Grace and peace,

Pastor Roger

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