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(FROG in the vernacular of the North Carolina domestic residence [i.e. home] dictionary is a Finished Room Over Garage. It is the perfect size for an office or den. In this case, it is my office, where my books and computers are kept.)


FROG: Foolish Reflections On God

Guns don't hate people; people hate people.

        I applaud the efforts of students trying to persuade our law-makers to make our nation safer.  The amount of violence in public is appalling and something should be done to stop it.  However, it is my believe that what is being done is misguided.  I am not an NRA fan but I believe there are enough "rules."  Sure, some laws could be tweaked but I think the effort is being put in the wrong place.

        This is just my opinion, but I believe Jesus Christ and Christian tradition would agree with me.  What needs changing is the way we think about people.  Since we believe that all people are of sacred worth and all people are children of God;  since we believe that Jesus Christ died for the righteous and the unrighteous; and since we believe that "to live is Christ and to die is gain" then there is no reason why Christians would ever need a gun.  Now if we could only get people to understand this. 

              Maybe the students could do better by: taking pledges of non-violence; promising never to buy a gun and be the first generation to break the cycle of gun-worship;  and finally, admit that they are also part of the problem by their own behaviors and attitudes towards their fellow human beings.  I think the solution to our violent culture starts with birth at home.  Do the parents teach violence or peace?  Do the kids grow up in a place of security and encouragement?  What are parents letting their children see, experience, and learn.

     But if you have bad parents, each person has to take responsibility for their own actions some day.  It starts in kindergarten when some students are different from the majority and the sarcasm, the mockery, and the isolation begins.  As the children get older it gets worse and worse.  But there comes a time when children reach the age of accountability.  Our ancestors thought that was about the ages of 12-13.  Then a child was considered able to account for his/her own actions and take responsibility for them.  Why don't we do that?

     For example, students could decide that every other student is worthy of respect.  No more putting-down those that can't do sports; stop cliques and putting other students in categories of "in and out."  How about students inviting other into their group instead of limiting their social groups?  In other words - change the culture!  Do that and you will eliminate 90% (I think) of future gun violence.  Break the cycle of violence by beginning with you and your school.  

     I just think that Christianity has something very important to bring to our society (when done with only Christ in mind) and that is that the "other" is more important than the "self."  Students - reach out to others; encourage those that are different or "not up to your standards of acceptance"; better yet - love one another.  Maybe we can drive away hate, hurts, revenge, and guns.  It starts with you - the one in the mirror.      

Grace and peace,

Pastor Roger

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