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Saturday, April 04, 2020
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(FROG in the vernacular of the North Carolina domestic residence [i.e. home] dictionary is a Finished Room Over Garage. It is the perfect size for an office or den. In this case, it is my office, where my books and computers are kept.)


FROG: Foolish Reflections On God


The last time I served in a church when there was a national crisis was when I was in Defiance-Trinity, Defiance, Ohio.  The crisis was 9/11.  The Sunday after the towers came down the sanctuary was filled.  I spoke that this was the time to practice our Christianity.  Hate, ignorance, and prejudice were the enemy.  These were invisible enemies - much like the "powers and principalities" that St. Paul said we struggle against.  If we are to be like Christ Jesus then we have to pray for our enemies and do good to those who do us harm, returning good for evil.  The next week the sanctuary was only half full.  I still don't know if the problem was my preaching, my message, the Gospel, or the fact that the crisis was over and the majority of people no longer needed assurance.  It pains me to think that their outpouring of service and worship of God lasted only one week.  That is pitiful, weak, and shallow.

So, as I experience what all of us are experiencing during this time of crisis with the coronavirus, I am praying that something good and permanent comes out of it.  Maybe the concern we have for our neighbors will continue.  Maybe our good works and our serving in the face of adversity will continue.  Maybe people will recognize the need for spiritual connections and corporate worship as an important part of being human.  Maybe our priorities will shift so that material things don't matter as much as relationships and well being.  Maybe we will give up pursuits of earthly gain and find out that we need to prepare ourselves more mentally and spiritually.  Maybe we will give up our denial and fear of death and open ourselves up to the proclamation of the resurrection.  Maybe we will learn to wash our hands or clean our houses.  Maybe we will clean out our attics and throw out, give away, or sell off our useless hording.  Maybe we will slow down and discover the real meaning of our lives.

Maybe.  And here is the thing - maybe it will last more than one week.  Maybe it will last for a year.  Maybe it will change our lives for the better for the rest of our lives.  Maybe.  All I really know is that God can bring goodness out of any tragedy.  We are still fighting an invisible enemy - a virus - but it is not greater than God.  There will be good things that will come forth from this.  Many good things.  Look for them.  Create them.  Practice your Christianity!

Grace and peace,

Pastor Roger

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